Leden 2011

Nejlepší filmové trailery

12. ledna 2011 v 19:13

7. Growth
Horor s trochu komorním rozpočtem, ale vcelku povedený film... a hlavně trailer. Hudba Nine Inch Nails - The Mark Has Been Made.

6. Watchmen
Genius Zakk Snyder a jeho skvělý počin opět na komixový námět. Hudba: The Smashing Pumkins - The Begining is the End

5. The Dark Knight
Asi netřeba představovat - Christopher Nolan umí. Legendární "Why so serious?"

4. Sin City
Kdo jiný než Frank Miller opět. Kombinace s mnoha hvězdami jako Bruce Willis, Mickey Rourke, Jessica alba. Hudba:The Servant - Cells

4. Max Payne
"There's an army of bodies under this river, people who ran out of time, out of friends. I could feel the dead down there, reaching up to welcome me as one of their own. It was an easy mistake to make. "
"The Devil is building his army. Max Payne is looking for something that God wants to stay hidden. That is what makes him more dangerous. "

2. The Matrix Reloaded
"All of our lives we have fought this war. Tonight I believe we can end it."

1. 300
Co ode mě čekat :). "They were 300 man. Against million." "Tonight we dine in hell"